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Elm Class - Yr 2 & 3

Lockdown Learning


Spring Term (2nd Half)

Please note that while work may be labelled by Year group, all activities can be used by all children. A Year 3 activity may be a fun challenge for a Year 2 pupil and, equally, a Year 2 activity may support a Year 3 pupil who is finding a subject challenging.

Please email me for any further assistance

Week 8 (1st - 5th March 2021)

Friday 5th March

We've made it!! What an achievement Elm Class :-)
I look forward to catching up today on Zoom with everyone who is at home and I really can't wait to see our fabulous class, together, in school on Monday.

Enjoy your last day of home learning:
Friday 5th MarchMaths Level 1

Maths Level 2

Maths Level 3

Maths Extra Task

I hope you have found moments over these past 8 weeks that have created lasting family memories for you. I have really been lifted by your lovely messages, pictures of super work and abounding kindness and positivity. Thank you Elm Class, you wonderful bunch of humans!

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday, from Mrs Douse :-)

Thursday 4th March

Happy World Book Day! I hope you manage to spend some time today sharing stories and enjoying some reading. We will celebrate properly when we are all back together but for now, here is your learning for today (including a special appearance from Mr Mott!):

Thursday 4th MarchWorld Book Day ActivitiesMaths Year 2 DominoesMaths Year 3 WorksheetBlank ClocksRE Four Noble Truths ActivityHave a wonderful day Elm Class, from Mrs Douse :-)

Wednesday 3rd March

We're heading to the midway point of the week and the fantastic learning is coming in thick and fast!! I am loving seeing and hearing your poetry and I am very pleased to see you completing your maths activities on time.
Keep up the great work Elm Class - you really are making me proud!!

Wednesday 3rd MarchMaths - What's the time?Maths - Fifteen minutes laterMaths - Mix & Match ActivityYear 2 Rainforest MapYear 3 Rainforest MapTopic Resource MapAnd let's round things off with a celebration of your work:

Thank you for sharing your brilliant work, Elms - have a great day :-)

Tuesday 2nd March

Hi Elms! I hope you are all well and getting into your stride with this week's learning.

Today we have:
Tuesday 2nd MarchYear 2 Minutes and HoursMaths Matching Activity 1Maths Matching Activity 2Science - Helicopter SeedScience - Seed Dispersal ActivityKeep up the great work Elm Class - and keep sending me your pictures!
Here's a great example of descriptive work from yesterday:

And our children in school have created some amazing Pointillism Artwork:

Have a wonderful day, all of you! 

Monday 1st March

Good morning Elm Class and welcome to March! It was so lovely over the weekend to get out and about and enjoy some beautiful sunshine. I hope you all had fun and are looking forward to our last week of Home Learning.

Monday is looking like this:
Monday 1st MarchMaths Months of the YearLoop Cards 1Loop Cards 2Loop Card AnswersTime QuizRainforest Art Templates

English Animal Syllables

I hope you all have a lovely day, from Mrs Douse :-)

Week 7 (22nd - 26th February 2021)

Week 7: 22 - 26 Feb

Friday 26th February

Good morning Elm Class! Here we are - it's Friday and I have lots of reasons to be smiling. We have welcomed three new children, Ava, Sammy & Zac, to our school family and they should be congratulated for reaching the end of their first week at St James'. Krisztian has completed week 7 of his school journey and yet hasn't been able to physically 'be' in Elm Class. Your resilience and sheer determination to carry on carrying on throughout this unique period of history is something that makes me proud beyond belief. My thanks to pupils and parents is heartfelt - you are a wonderful community and I am so excited for our return (Mrs Martin will be in touch with details as soon as they have been finalised).

So, let's get Friday underway:
Friday 26th FebMaths Year 2 Word ProblemsMaths Year 3 Word Problems

What can I say? Elm Class, you are awesome - each and every one of you :-)

Have a lovely weekend, from Mrs Douse

Thursday 25th February

We are edging towards the end of our first week and I have to say your learning has been fantastic. The Rainforest senses journeys I have seen showed an understanding of the sight, sound, smell, taste and feel of these amazing places. You are obviously enjoying being a Rainforest explorer and I am very excited to see your animal research that will be completed over today and tomorrow. Really take time to think about your presentation and fill your work with as many amazing facts you can find!

Thursday 25th FebYear 2 Maths Ring the FivesYear 3 Maths Bunny HopsExtension Maths - Word ProblemsRE Life of Siddhartha Guatama

Have a great Thursday Elm Class, from Mrs Douse :-)


Wednesday 24th February

I hope you are all having a good week so far. It has been great to hear how much you are enjoying the Rainforest animal research. There are so many to choose from so if you get your fact file finished before the end of the week remember you can always research another creature!

Today's learning and resources:
Wednesday 24th FebMaths Year 2 ArraysMaths Year 3 Mrs Multiples CakesRainforest Animal Research PlanRainforest PowerpointRainforest Senses ActivityRainforest Definitions Activity

Here's some super Emerald Tree Boa research ....


You are all working so hard, keep it up!!

Have a super day Elms, from Mrs Douse :-)


Tuesday 23rd February

Good morning lovely Elms!!
I hope you are well and enjoyed your first day back learning. Thank you for your continued effort and enthusiasm ... and for all your fabulous snakes :-)

Here's today's line-up:
Tuesday 23rd FebMaths ActivityThere are lots of pages of fruit to calculate the number of 5p's. Your child will not necessarily complete all the calculations. You (the parent) can choose when they have done enough and can move on to the games activities.

Parts of a Plant Folding Leaflet

Parts of a Plant Pairs Game

Monday 22nd February

Welcome back Elm Class to the second half of the Spring Term. I hope you have all enjoyed your break and are looking forward to heading down to the Rainforest for our new topic. I am very much hoping that we will see each other face-to-face very soon but, just as you did before half term, always try your best and keep sending me your amazing work. Next Monday will be the 1st March so let's make the most of February! With the lovely sunshine we had yesterday it certainly feels like Spring is on the way .... hooray :-)

Here are today's learning and resources:

Monday 22nd Feb

Monday Maths ActivityYear 2 Maths 2nd Activity

Year 3 Maths 2nd ActivityYear 2 EnglishYear 3 EnglishRainforest Mindfulness ColouringHave a lovely day Elm Class and I will see you tomorrow!


Week 6 (7 - 12 February 2021)
Week 6: 8th - 12th Feb

Friday 12th February

We made it! This has not been the first half of Spring Term that we had been hoping for but I can only thank you, wholeheartedly, for the energy and enthusiasm that you have applied to your home learning. I know it's a bumpy road, but I hope you have found more moments of pleasure than those of frustration and confusion! I have certainly loved receiving your emails and sharing your achievements at our weekly zooms. You are the most wonderful class and I feel very privileged to be your teacher.

Now, the good news is there are no resources needed today! The plan (below) is that you will finish your fable, play a Carroll diagram game (I am not setting My Maths today) and complete your Winter Games challenges for PE. 

Friday 12th FebI look forward to our Zoom catch ups and wish you all a very happy, safe half term holiday, from Mrs Douse :-)

Thursday 11th February

It's Friday Eve!! You are doing such a great job making your way to half term. Enjoy today's fable writing and sorting shapes on a Venn diagram. The game is good fun so make sure you check it out!

Thursday 11th FebVenn Diagram ActivityRE PresentationRE ActivityHere's some awesome Topic from Rex and Art & Symmetry from Henry to round things off :)


Wednesday 10th February

Good morning Elm Class! We're at the midpoint of the week and I hope you are all doing well. The fable plans I have seen are looking great. Some of you have thought of your own morals too - great work :-)

Here are today's plan and resources:
Wednesday 10th FebStory MapsMaths ActivitiesEurope Maps (Named & Unnamed)Have a great day! From Mrs Douse


Tuesday 9th February

Hello everyone! I hope you have been enjoying the snow and staying wrapped up warm and toasty. I have seen some great symmetry work and have heard you have been thinking carefully about morals of stories. It's a tricky concept but if you remember a moral is the message the author is trying to teach you e.g. 'slow and steady wins the race' that will help.

Here's the plan and resources for today and a picture of Elliott's string telephones. I hope you enjoy making yours!
Tuesday 9th Feb2D Shape Table

There is also a new story to listen to, not to mention the Winter Games 'Bob' Sports challenges to try .... it's a busy day .... enjoy!!

Monday 8th February

Good morning one and all! Well done for reaching our final week of this half-term. I am sure you are all feeling a little weary and will be very much looking forward to a break next week. I have been so delighted with how brilliantly you have worked throughout this period and you should be very proud of the work you have produced.  I am venturing into a new world of Loom Videos to introduce and teach some of your lessons. I am hoping that you will enjoy this and that the experience will be a positive facet to your home learning!

Here's the plan and resources for Monday:
Monday 8th February

Fables for EnglishSymmetry Activity

Tortoise Doodle Instructions

Tortoise Outline

Have a marvellous Monday, from Mrs Douse :-)

Week 5 (1 - 5 February 2021)

Friday 5th February

Goodness me! That's the first week of February and the 5th week of home learning done! You are all doing so well, and if it feels more like day 995 than day 25 take heart - this time next week we'll be looking forward to a week long break :-)

Here's the resources and plan for today:
Friday 5th FebMaths ChallengePostcard TemplateAnd finally, some lovely art examples from Mrs Skirrow -

we miss you very much, and Mrs Casebow!!

Hopefully I will be catching up with lots of you on Zoom and I wish you all a restful weekend, from Mrs Douse :-)

Thursday 4th February

Good morning everyone, I hope you are well!

It seems my home learning brain is getting a bit scrambled (not for the first time!) Yesterday I posted today's extension maths resources so today I will post yesterday's tally activities in case you missed them! I hope this doesn't cause more confusion - please juggle as suits you and email if there is something you need that you haven't got.

I do apologise for my mistakes - dates written incorrectly, resources missing or some other human error. I truly appreciate the warmth, effort and sheer determination to support your children's learning that shines out from every email and communication that I have with you during this period. Elm Class is a truly fabulous community, thank you :-)

So, today's menu is as follows:
Thursday 4th Feb

Tally Marks Activity (Weds activity)Drawing Tally Marks (Weds activity)Tally Questions Extension (Weds Ext)RE PresentationEnglish Addresses ResourceLet's have a trip to the Elm gallery to round things off:

Elm Class .... you are AMAZING!! From Mrs Douse :-)

Wednesday 3rd February

Good Morning Elms!

Here we are, at the mid-point of the week. I am receiving so much lovely work you are really doing yourselves proud this week. I know how tricky this period of separation is and I hope you are finding ways to keep happy and healthy. You can find resources and activities on the following link or just take a walk and listen to the sounds of nature - whatever helps you feel good. And remember, while we are apart we are always contactable if you need any help or support.
Children's Mental Health Week 1 - 7 Feb

Today's learning and resources are as follows:

Wednesday 3rd Feb

Year 2 Maths Ext (Thursday)

Year 3 Maths Ext (Thursday)

French Numbers 0 - 10

French Number Wordsearch

I have got up to Chapter 5 (of 6) of our book 'Tom's Sausage Lion'. If you haven't started, or need to catch up, I've put all the links on today's plan. It's a thoroughly enjoyable story so give it a go, if you haven't already! The last chapter will follow on Friday so you won't have long to find out what happens :-)


Today Caroline completed some great maths ....

and isn't Blake's Aquarium fab!

What will you do to make your Wednesday wonderful?
I can't wait to see!! from Mrs Douse

Tuesday 2nd February

Good Morning Everyone! I hope you are all well.

Here are Tuesday's plan and resources:Tuesday 2nd February

Simile ActivityAs we have Science on the agenda today, let's look at both Henrys' investigations from last week. Great work boys :-)

Monday 1st February

Good Morning Elm Class and a warm welcome to February from Mrs Douse!
I hope you all had a good weekend and are looking forward to our learning this week. Half Term is creeping ever closer and I must say how proud I am of all that you have achieved so far. Please keep sending me your emails of all your lovely work. 

This week we are focusing on data handling for Maths and writing a postcard from France for our English. I wish we could really go on holiday!

Home Learning W.C. 1st FebToday's plan and resources are as follows:
Monday 1st FebruaryFrench LandmarksAdjective MatAdjective Quiz

To get our week off to a great start, here's Indy's research on Notre Dame:
 Have a wonderful day and I'll be back tomorrow :-)

Week 4 (25 - 29 January 2021)

Friday 29th January

Happy Friday Elms!!  I can't believe that we're at the end of Week 4 (and that's it's only Week 4!!) I am really looking forward to catching up with you all on Zoom today and I spent a fab day in class yesterday, taking time to do a bit of bird watching, learning about Shabbat and of course completing some great Maths and English. Your discussions draw to a close today and I can't wait to see/hear them. You have all worked very hard again this week and I salute you and all the mums and dads who are working heroically.

Today's plan is here:
Friday 29th JanuaryAnd finally, our lovely Elm Gallery:

Swim through Caroline's Aquarium ... 

French Topic research from the children learning in school ....


And Chris has been inventing with his Dad.
I know there is lots of brilliant learning going on that hasn't been set on my plan!! Keep it up Elm Class - you are all amazing :-)

Have a good rest this weekend and see you in February!!

Thursday 28th January

Hello Elm Class, I hope you are all well. The weather is forecast to be drier as the day goes on so do your best to get outside when you can!   

Today's learning is as follows:

Thursday 28th January

In the plan I have referenced some additional English resources (below). These are not compulsory - they are additional if you finish your discussion ahead of schedule.

Extra English 'and, but, so, or'Here are the RE resources:
Shabbat PresentationShabbat ActivityLet's end with another trip to the Elm Class Gallery. Today I have Henry and Blake's Forests. Just lovely :-)

Have a super day, from Mrs Douse

Wednesday 27th January

Good Morning Elm Class! The great work just keeps on coming!! I've got some fabulous topic research on the Eiffel Tower by Elliott to share. Great information and I love the presentation with lift the flaps surrounding a very detailed drawing. 

And Rex worked on a poster using Word  - more very interesting facts!

 Great effort boys!

Here's today's plan and resources.

Wednesday 27th January0 - 20 Number line

And finally, a few more fish from Reuben to brighten your day:

I am so proud of you Elm Class - keep up the amazing work 

See you tomorrow, from Mrs Douse :-)

Tuesday 27th January

Good Morning Elm Class. I hope you are all well.

Today we have our usual Maths and English, followed by some Science.
This week we are learning about the shape of our ears and the effect that has on what we hear.

Don't forget to fit in some reading when you can. 

Tuesday 26th JanuaryScience Powerpoint 1Science Investigation SheetScience Powerpoint 2 (Round Up)

100 Square

It is so wonderful to receive pictures and messages about the super work you are producing.

Here's some inspiration for your art work this week if you haven't yet tried the fish weaving activity. Harriet improvised with ribbon, tin foil and wrapping paper for her weaving. She even got a stick from her walk to make a mobile!
It looks fantastic Harriet, thank you for sharing :-)

 Have a great day :)

Monday 25th January

Good Morning Elm Class and welcome to Week 4 of your home learning.

I hope you had a lovely weekend. I saw lots of pictures of snowy scenes from family in London and Birmingham and on the news but we didn't see any wintry white stuff where I live (much to the disappointment of my boys!)

Along with the weekly plan, Mrs Skirrow has let me know that this weekend is the RSPB Garden Watch. I have included the web link in today's schedule and the PDF you need to join in and count birds is below. You do not have to join in but I'm sure you would enjoy it if you do!

All work and resources have been emailed and I will be back each day with your bite size chunk.

Monday 25th January with English link
Art - Fish Weaving TemplateRSPB BIrdwatch

You may enjoy playing this Maths Invaders game covering  the Year 2 learning objective today (Year 3s will enjoy it too!) Click on the link and select addition. There are 4 different objectives with different levels of difficulty so you can really challenge yourself!

Maths Invaders

Have a lovely day from Mrs Douse :-)


Week 3 (18 - 22 January 2021)

Friday 22nd January

We made it! It's the end of another week and I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful work pictures and videos that you've been sending. There have been lots of positive comments about our English this week - Mr Santhanam will be carrying on next week too! I can see from your discussion work how much you are enjoying the unit. I hope your Friday goes well and look forward to seeing you on Zoom (with hopefully no gremlins this week!)

Here is the final plan for the week:

Friday 22nd January Enjoy your weekend and see you on Monday :-)

Thursday 21st January

What a soggy blustery day it was yesterday! Storm Christoph certainly made it's presence felt! Hopefully today will be calmer and you will be able to get out in the fresh air.

Here is the plan and resources for Thursday's learning:

Thursday 20th JanuaryRE PresentationRE ActivityRE Simplified 10 Commandments 

(The above sheet helps to explain the 10 Commandments in more simple language which I thought might be useful)

Have a lovely day!

Wednesday 20th January

Good morning everyone. Here is today's learning:
Wednesday 20th January
There are lots of My Maths activities set to get your teeth into. Remember to work through the lesson before attempting the homework. Year 3 will benefit from working through the lesson set on column addition before they try today's sheets. You do not need to fit everything in so when you have worked for 45 minutes - 1 hour please have a break and move on to another activity.

I saw some brilliant story maps of your discussions yesterday. Remember that the lessons build on the previous activities so they will need to be completed in order. 

In Topic we are thinking about what we know about France (and doing some research if the answer is 'not very much!') Here's a powerpoint to help you or you could carry out your own research. Please remember the guidance on internet safety if you are carrying out online research.

France PresentationIf you still have time, there is the second music lesson from Mr Palekar at Oak National Academy and then please round off your day by listening to the first Chapter of Tom's Sausage Lion (read by me!)

All the links are in the word document above :) Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday 19th January

Good morning Elm Class. I hope your week is going well so far.

I have made a slight change to the maths pages for Year 3 (p5 - 6 - not 7)
Your English builds on from yesterday so make sure you have completed Monday's lesson first. For your Science, you can participate in the experiment if you have a book and an elastic band - otherwise you can just watch the demonstration.

Here is the plan for today:

Tuesday 19th JanuaryI look forward to hearing how you're getting on!
From Mrs Douse :)

Monday 18th January

Good Morning Elm Class. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine yesterday :)

Here is the overview for the whole week of learning (Maths, English & Foundation grid):
Week 3 Elm Class
Your maths booklets can be found here:
Year 2 MathsYear 3 MathsThere is a printing glitch in the maths booklet - today's pages can be found easily here:
Monday Maths Pages Year 2Monday Maths Pages Year 3If you just want to look at what is set out for Monday, it's here:
Monday 18th JanuaryArt PlanHave a wonderful day and I will be back tomorrow with Tuesday's chunk!

From Mrs Douse :)


Friday 15th January

It's Friday and you have nearly completed another week of home learning. Well done!

Your line up for today is here:

Friday 15th JanuaryFor English you'll need the story and questions:

Doris The LorisI look forward to seeing you all on Zoom at some point today. I have already been sent wonderful work and I know that you'll have even more to show me. Thank you for your pictures and emails. Your smiles are fabulous and brighten my days while we have to be apart.

Enjoy your weekend and keep safe 
From Mrs Douse :)

Thursday 14th January

Good morning Elm Class. Here we are on Thursday morning. Well done to everyone for your great efforts so far. The week is speeding along and we've got another enjoyable day ahead, including a session with Mr Mott!

Here is your plan for today's learning:

Thursday 14th JanuaryWe have looked at some fun animal poems this week. Just one more today:
The Goat and the Toad

Here's the Powerpoint to help your RE

RE Rule & Routines

Have a lovely day :)

Wednesday 13th January

Good morning Elm Class. Well done to everyone who got out on their sound walk yesterday. It's amazing the sounds we hear when we stop and truly listen!

Here is your plan for today's learning:
Wednesday 13th January For your English you will need:   
 Secret AnimalsCompound WordsAnd for Topic you can use this frame or design your own:
Saint-Saen Biography Frame
Remember to spend time each day reading, ideally to a grown up, and you can always pop on to TT Rockstars to practise your tables.

Have a great day Elm Class :) 

Tuesday 12th January

Good morning Elms! I hope you are all feeling well and are ready for Tuesday's learning. Yesterday I saw some fabulous counting sequences, not to mention the most wonderful lions!

Today we will continue with our place value Maths and another MyMaths challenge.

Tuesday 12th January
As explained in the document above, our English continues with our Animal Poetry. Today it is 'The ch in your Sneeze':

The Ch in your Sneeze
It's looking a bit drizzly today, but hopefully you will be able to get outside for some daily exercise and to collect sounds for your Science 'Sound Walk'. Collect sounds around your house and garden too. I have made space for 7 different locations on the table. What will you hear? What is making the sound? Can you use sound descriptive language?

Complete the table and remember the date and the title ' What Sounds can I Hear?'

Sound Walk Table
Once you have completed some reading you may have some time to spare. Why not enjoy some mindfulness colouring with crayons, felts, gel pens or paints?

Animal Mindfulness Colouring
Have a lovely day Elm Class :)

Week Commencing 11th January

Hello Elm Class, I hope you are all well. I have been delighted by your brilliant work that you have sent me throughout last week. There has been some fabulous research, stories, art, cookery and lots more. It has also been lovely for me to see photos of your gorgeous smiling faces that I am missing very much! I hope you have had a good weekend and are looking forward to our new Topic which is called 'Carnival of the Animals'.

Here's an introduction for you:

Our home learning will follow a similar timetable to the one we follow at school. I know it might be tricky to juggle the same schedule with family and work commitments so please use it to help and guide you, adapting to suit your daily routine:
/docs/Elm_Home_Learning_2021/Timetable.docxI am really looking forward to seeing you at our Zoom conference on Fridays. I will be sending invitations by email with Year 2 scheduled for the morning and Year 3 after lunch. For those children attending school I will be able to see you on a Friday too!

All of the plans and resources will follow here and if there are any problems or anything you would like to share please email me on the class address.

Monday 11th January

Here are your home learning tasks. You will find Maths and English for today and a grid of foundation/topic activities for you to choose through out the week. Remember to include some daily exercise such as Joe Wicks, going for a bike ride or playing in the garden. What will you choose today?

Elm Class Home Learning W/C 11th Jan


Here are your maths booklets

Year 2 Maths Place Value

Year 3 Maths Place Value

The poem you will be using today is here

Poem - See with 2 Es

In the afternoon you can have a go at drawing some brilliant lions as part of our Carnival of the Animals Topic. I look forward to seeing them on Friday!

Have a lovely day Elm Class :) 

Tuesday 5th January

Hello you lovely Elms! I hope you have had a super Christmas with your family and have  had lots of fun. I am sorry that we cannot all be together at school at the moment but I hope you are ready for some new challenges and learning while we are apart.

For the next three days we have some Stone Age Activities that you can hopefully
share with your grown ups at home. There are some familiar things (UG's trousers and Mary Anning) and some completely new art and DT activities. You will hopefully be able to show all of the knowledge you gained last term and complete some great writing and creative tasks.

Please pick some activities from the learning overview below to complete during the next three days
before we move on to something completely new on Monday :)
Please also explore the Oxford Owl website (class login details below) as we will be using this to support reading throughout this period.


Tomorrow I will be setting up a 'My Maths' task so please check back for further information.

 Learning Overview -

/docs/Elm_Stone_Age_Home_Learning_Overview.docxThe resources you need for UG can be found below -









and here are the resources for Mary Anning-



If you have any questions please contact me via the Elm class email. 



Oxford Owl: We've set up a class login area on the Oxford Owl website - visit                    At the top of the page you'll see a link button - 'My Class Login'                                                                          Our class login details are:                                                                                                                                  Class name: elm234                                                                                                                                            Password: elm234                                                                                                                                              Once you've logged in, you'll have access to a selection of eBooks which you can read online using your tablets. Just use the search fields to find books by age, series or theme. There are lots of familiar books that we have at school and lots of lovely new ones.                                                                                                                     

Visit the RWI spelling section to find easy to navigate spelling activities for each of our year groups.               

The parents' tab will take you to the Oxford Owl For Home pages where you'll find a whole range of activities and ideas. 










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