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Yew Class - Yrs 5 & 6

     Welcome to Yew Class Page!

 The class newsletter and topic web for this term can be found by clicking on the links below..

Yew Class Newsletter - Summer Term 2020

Yew Class Topic Web - Summer Term 2020


 Update 8th July 2020

Good morning!  We are into the final two weeks of the summer term and it has been a very strange term indeed!  I will be updating the class page with learning for the final time today for the final week and a half.



For your final piece of writing for the term, I would like you to write a story that is completely unique to you.  It can be about anything that you would like and can be as creative and as outlandish as you like!  A Year 5 child in the key worker group has written a twenty-page story, all independently and without any adult input - he was really inspired by the factsheet he wrote about Brazil and took this forward as a story.  Think about what inspires you and consider how it can be made into a story!

English Learning Challenge 08.07.20



With Maths, I would like the children to make a concerted effort to finish the Maths that has been posted on MyMaths throughout the lockdown period.  I have also set the Times Tables booster pack which is in date over the whole summer.  This is to enable the children to be up to speed with their times tables for their return in September. 

As usual, go to the MyMaths website, log-in and on the home page menu, scroll down to 'Times tables booster'.  Click on this and the lessons will come up in the further menu to the right.

Also, don't forget that TT Rockstars is also still available - the Year 6s have been enjoying the challenges that have been set by Mrs Holt!

Update 24th June 2020

Good morning!  What a beautiful week it is; the sun is shining and we are actually able to go out and enjoy it!  I hope that everyone at home is enjoying a little bit of 'sun worship' and that you are making the most of the start of summer!

I can update the work on the website with what we have been doing in class so far this week.  I am trying to keep the work across home and school consistent - if you have any work to send in to me so that I can see what you have achieved!

Outdoor Learning

As the weather is so beautiful, we spent time having some outdoor learning yesterday where the children chose from some outdoor activities which are posted below.  Mrs Casebow, who has been working in our bubble on Tuesdays and Thursdays, led the children in these and was really impressed with their work.  There are photos to come as soon as I work out how to get them from the iPad to my computer - they weren't talking to each other last night!

The link to the activities is below and I would love to see how you all get on at home with them.  Send your pictures to the class email!

Express Yourself in Nature


Update 15th June 2020

Good morning! I hope that you are well on this Monday morning!  I hope that some of you have been able to meet up to make some social bubbles over the weekend and enjoy some very much missed hugs with special people!

We begin our third week back in school with Year 6s.  It is lovely to have the children in and we are missing seeing all of you who are still at home.  Underneath this, I have posted work for the coming week and hope that you will enjoy doing the work.  Please do keep sending me examples of your work as I love seeing them.


In English this week, I have set you the task of creating a factsheet/poster about Brazil and the Amazon.  Whilst I have still been unable to source a PDF version of 'Journey to the River Sea', I have typed up some extracts from the first three chapters of the book which the children in school are using as a stumulus to create a factsheet.

Read the extracts first, then read the accompanying instructions about the writing task.  It is learning that we did just prior to going into lockdown so I hope you remember some of the things you learned from then as it will help you with this task.

Extracts from 'Journey to the River Sea'

English Learning Challenge 6


For Maths this week, please continue with the work that has been set on MyMaths.  It may be tricky in places but keep plugging away at it to remind of all of the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The link that I posted called 'Multiplication and Division Challenges PPT' is primarily for Year 6s (as part of their class learning) but, Year 5s, please have a go at them, if you wish.  You don't have to though so please don't worry.

Multiplication and Division Challenges PPT

Art and Science

Please find the links to the next parts of the Art and Science projects that have previously been set.  I do apologise for the wait with these but, where I'm trying to keep learning consistent between home and school, it has taken a little longer to be ready to post the work.  Now it is there, please have fun doing it!

Art Research Project 3

Science/PE/PSHE Research Project Part 2


Update 8th June2020

Good morning!  I hope that the new week finds you all well and that you've had a lovely weekend!  I have prepared some work for this week and will be posting it underneath to help home learning stay consistent as possible with the children who are in school.

Please continue with the home learning about Buddhism for your initial Foundation Subject learning this week.


In English, in school, we are focusing on the book 'Journey to the River Sea'.  Unfortunately, I have been unable to source a PDF format to enable me to be able to set consistent learning across children at home.

For this reason, I would like the children at home to return to 'Boy' and complete the reading tasks I have posted below.

English Learning Challenge 5

Boy Comprehension Questions

Boy Comprehension Answers



This week, in Maths, we will begin to revise some of our basics to do with the four operations.  With the gap that we have had in learning, I think it is important that we ensure your basics are kept up-to-date.  I have set tasks on MyMaths which cover Year 3 to Year 6. For Year 5s, there are not as many tasks as you do not need to be at the same point as Year 6s.

For Year 5s, tasks set are called:

  • Yr 3 Introducing Column Addition; Yr 3 Introducing Column Subtraction; Yr 4 More Written Methods; Yr 5 More Addition and Subtraction; Yr 4 Multiply Single Digits; Yr 4 Multiples; Yr 5 Factors and Primes; Yr 5 Highest Common Factor; Yr 4 Short Multiplication; Yr 4 More Short Multiplication; Yr 5 Long Multiplication; Yr 5 Short and Long Multiplication; Yr 4 Short Division; Yr 5 Division Remainders; Yr 5 Interpreting Remainders.

For Year 6s, the tasks set are the same as above as well as these extra tasks:

  • Yr 6 Order of Operations; Yr 6 Addition and Subtraction problems; Yr 6 Lowest Common Multiple; Yr 6 Multiply Triple Digits; Yr 6 Introducing Long Division; Yr 6 Long and Short Division.

As usual, log in to MyMaths and go to the main page menu.  Scroll down to 'Number', then 'Addition and Subtraction' in the subsequent menu.  For multiplication and division, scroll down to 'Number', then 'Multiplication and Division' in the subsequent menu. There are lessons that correspond to the tasks set; please use them to support your learning.

Please may I stress that the homework tasks should be done AFTER working through the lessons.  Notes should be made on the lessons before undertaking the homework task.  For Year 6s, this is vital as this will be the format used when in secondary school on Maths tutorials such as Hegarty Maths.

Please don't be alarmed at the number of tasks; this is not work set for one day!  It is learning to cover the whole week, if not dropping into next week.  Work at your own pace and do what you feel that you can.  Try to work in the order I've written them down as they make an ordered sequence of learning.


Update 5th June 2020

Good morning!  Please forgive the fact that there was no update yesterday on the website - this was not because people at home had been forgotten!  There was no further learning to be posted so I didn't update.

Today, I am pleased to announce that Mrs Holt has set up a challenge between Elm and Yew Class on TT Rockstars.  The children at school have informed me that Yew Class are currently winning, so please go on there and keep the winning streak going!  Click on the image below to go to the TT Rockstars website.

I have also set the next part of RE learning which continues to be about Buddhism; the next part of it is about The Four Noble Truths.  Click on the link below to find a PPT giving an introduction to these and explaining your task.


I hope that you are all looking forward to the weekend and that you are able to perhaps start seeing family and friends following the social distancing guidelines.  

Update 3rd June 2020

Good afternoon!  Today, the updated learning is Maths for the week.  Please see below the tasks that have been set for the children in school, still using MyMaths as this is helpful individualised learning.

For Year 5s, the tasks set are called:

  • Coordinates 1; Lines of symmetry; Translating; Translating and Reflecting.

For Year 6s, the tasks set are called:

  • Coordinates 1; Coordinates 2; Translating; Translating and Reflecting; Lines of Symmetry; Translating shapes; Reflecting Shapes; Midpoint and line length 1.

As usual, log in to MyMaths and go to the main page menu.  Scroll down to 'Geometry', then 'Position and Direction' in the subsequent menu.  There are lessons that correspond to the tasks set; please use them to support your learning.



Update 2nd June 2020

Good afternoon!  I hope that your day is going well.  Here is the learning that the children in school will be taking part in this afternoon.  They are starting a scheme of work about Buddhism and the first task is here - click on the picture to access the guidance.  There is a link to a PPT that you will need below the picture too.

Life of Siddhartha Gautama

Good morning to those of you at home today!  There is lots of love being sent from the children who are back in school - they are working diligently as I type on the task that I am about to post up for you to do!

It is a writing task, writing a personal recount of your time in lockdown.  Please read the guidance carefully that I have posted in the link below and have a go!   Looking forward to reading what you do!

English Home Learning 02.06.20

Update 1st June 2020

Good morning, Yew Class! Well, we are at the start of a new part of this unusual time!  This morning, I will welcome back part of Yew Class into school which is going to be a lovely treat for me.  I'm very happy to be seeing some of the Year 6s coming back and am looking forward to exploring our new 'norm' with them.  As I said in an email to the Year 6s, with a sense of humour and smiles on our faces, I'm sure that we will succeed in navigating it!

For those of you remaining at home, I am still keen to ensure that your learning experience is a good one.  Given that we are wanting to keep learning consistent between school and home, I will be updating the website daily rather than weekly.  I will publish the learning that we do at school each day so that we are all keeping pace with each other.

As today is very much going to be about settling in with the Year 6s, the rest of you will be pleased to hear that there is not going to be lots of work posted!  I can't really give you all Maths and English if I'm not doing it in school! ;-)

Therefore, your activity today is something called 'Cloud Gazing'.  We will be very much promoting outdoor learning activities as we return to school so I will be doing this with the Year 6s.  The activity is posted in the picture below.

This is very much a mindfulness activity which you can interpret in any way you like!  You can write a story about the shapes you see or paint a picture or create a sculpture!  Have fun with it and send me pictures of what you do.

I will be back tomorrow with more learning which will include some writing and RE.  I haven't posted the next part of the Art or Science yet as we are not doing these in class yet - they will come, have no fear!  

Have a lovely Monday and enjoy the suunshine!

Update 18th May 2020

Good afternoon, Yew Class!  I hope that you are well at the start of this week!  We are expected to have some gorgeous weather so I hope that you will have the opportunity to get outside and enjoy it...of course, still maintaining social distancing and behaving responsibly!

I have posted another photo grid with some written work by members of the class that they have shared plus a rather toothsome-looking cake made by someone!  Please continue to share what you are doing with me!




In terms of learning this week, I have posted below the second part of the Art project and the beginning of the Science/PE/PSHE project.  I will be updating Maths and English shortly.  This work will be your final pieces set before what would have been half-term (week beginning Monday 25th May 2020).


Please find the link below to the second part of your Art Project.  You will need the resources that were posted previously to support you with this part of the project but you are now moving on to being able to use your artistic skills more!

Art Research Project 2


The links below are provided to start your combined Science/PE/PSHE project which will lead to a 'Lockdown Lifestyle Guide' at the end of the project.  For the first part of your project, you are going to be exploring how various systems within the body work and researching diet and nutrition.  For the Year 6s, some of this learning will be consolidating previous  learning but you will also be thinking about it from a different point of view.

Science/PE/PSHE Project

Digestive System Investigation

Digestive System Poster

Eatwell Guide PPT

Eatwell Guide PDF

Eatwell Guide Summary Poster


Update 11th May 2020

Good morning Yew Class!  Welcome to another week!  I'm writing this on Sunday night before Boris makes his statement at 7pm so we could be starting to live with a slightly different stage of lockdown than we were...or indeed, it could all still be the same!  Whatever is said in the statement, I would like to remind you all how brilliantly you are doing through this time.  It is not easy for you and I'm very proud of you all for continuing to cope with these unusual circumstances.

Before I post the learning for the week, I have a video and some photos to share from VE Day work shared this week.  Please click on the link below the Photo Grid to see the video! I hope that you were all able to enjoy this special weekend in some way!


VE Day Movie Clip


 For your English Writing task, you will need the previous learning about newspaper reports and the link to the challenge below.  Please share your newspaper reports with me and I will share them on the website so we can see your recounts of VE Day.

Yew Class Writing Challenge 11.05.20

Reading challenges linked to 'Boy' will follow later.


I have updated the Maths for this week on MyMaths which I know for, some of you, is the learning you have been enjoying the most!  This week, there are different tasks for Year 5 and Year 6 so, if you are speaking to each other, don't worry that you may be doing different task to each other.

The learning is still based around 'Shape - properties of shape'.

For Year 5s, the tasks set are called:

  • Angles 1; Angles 2; Angles 3; Angles 4;  Bearings and Measuring Angles.

For Year 6s, the tasks set are called:

  • Angles 3; Angles 4; Bearings; Measuring Angles; Angle Sums; Angle Reasoning and Arithmetic Assessment 2.

As usual, log in to MyMaths and go to the main page menu.  Scroll down to 'Geometry', then 'Properties of Shape' in the subsequent menu.  There are lessons that correspond to the tasks set (bar Arithmetic Assessment 2); please use them to support your learning.


Update 4th May 2020

Good Morning, Yew Class!  I hope that the beginning of the week finds you all well and that you have enjoyed your weekend.

Today sees the country leading up to a very special event its history - the 75th anniversary of VE Day.  On Friday, there is a special Bank Holiday when the country is going to join together to celebrate the day that marked the start of the end of World War II.  

For your learning this week, I'm not setting discrete English, Maths, etc; rather, I would like you to spend the week exploring and finding out about VE Day utilising your skills across all the curriculum subjects.

Below, I have posted a link to a VE Day Project to give you some ideas about what you could do.  I have also posted links to some learning materials from the Royal British Legion which have activities that you can do.  You will notice that I have posted both KS2 and KS3 learning materials - they are similar but the KS3 material has some extra activities which you may be interested in.  As usual, I have posted the PPT in PDF format for those of you who need it.

I have also posted a link to Dan Snow's VE Day Challenge.  Some of you may wish to have a go at this and send your ideas in.  However, the cut-off date is 6th May so you haven't got long!  The challenge is still a great thing to do even if you don't submit an entry.

VE Day Project

VE Day Project

Wartime Recipe Booklet

VE Day British Legion Home Learning KS2

VE Day British Legion Home Learning KS3

VE Day British Legion Home Learning KS2 PDF

VE Day British Legion Home Learning KS3 PDF

VE Day Diary Entry template

VE Day Poster template

VE Day Menu template

VE Day Thanksgiving template

The image below contains the link to the Dan Snow Challenge.

Enjoy having a go at the activities and I would love to see some of what you choose to do.  The other learning that has been posted during school closures is still there so I'd encourage you to carry on with this if you are able to.  However, the main focus for this week is VE Day so have fun finding out about it and doing some of the activities!


Update 2nd May 2020


Please find posted below the Art Research Project (a day late for which I apologise).  All the resources you need should be there; please let me know if I've missed anything.

Art Research Project 1

How to Produce A Sketchbook

Examples of sketchbooks

Shape in Art PPT

Shape in Art PDF

Update 1st May 2020

Good morning Yew Class! It's Friday!  Even in lockdown, we can still look forward to our weekends, can't we?

I'm going to post some photos of someone from our class today who has been learning at home...but these are not of him using the learning posted on the website.  In these photos, he's doing Maths, Food Tech, Science, Art and Music....

 The reason I wanted to show these photos is to encourage you all that learning doesn't have to just be what I'm setting on the website.  So many things that you are doing during lockdown will be developing new skills and getting you to apply skills you already have.  Please continue to do these things and enjoy your time you have at home - you being happy, healthy and safe is the main priority not making sure that you slavishly do the learning set (though please do have a go at it!)

Be kind to yourselves and keep smiling! :-)

Update 30th April 2020

Hello, Yew Class!  I hope that today finds you well!  As I write this, I'm watching a fascinating programme about an artist called Andy Warhol.  It is part of a series of programmes called 'Museums in Quarantine' which the BBC have been showing this week about exhibitions in famous museums (such as the Tate Gallery and the Tate Modern) which are now closed due to Covid-19.  They are fascinating and, if you can access iPlayer, perhaps watch the series as there is some beautiful art shown.

Thank you for the pictures and pieces of learning that you have been sending to me.  I am enjoying seeing them and it's good to hear from you and know that you are well.  This photo grid is a mixture of photos that someone in our class took on their daily walk and some examples of the Geography Research Project.

 I have had a recommendation from someone in the class for a Maths app/website called 'Prodigy'.  They are really enjoying using it and have asked that I pass on the information in case you'd like to have a go.  I have posted the link below if you would like to.

 I have also had another film review sent to me which I will share with you.  Guess which series it's from using the picture clue I've put the link in!


Update 29th April 2020

English Update

Good afternoon, Yew Class!  I hope that you are all well and have been enjoying the last few days.  It has been nice to have some rain, I think - I like the sound of the rain and find it soothing.  Your opinion maty be different though!

Establishing fact and opinion is part of the updated English learning that I am posting today.  The learning continues from what was posted on Monday and addresses Steps 2 and 3 in the learning sequence.

This learning may be challenging and I understand that it is difficult to do this at home when parents are busy and you are not in your usual environment.  Please email me if you need support and I will try my best from home to help you.  Remember, I appreciate all of your hard work and am aware that you are all trying very hard!

All the links you need are posted below.  Unfortunately, the 'Active and Passive Voice Quiz' cannot successfully convert into a workable PDF version; I apologise for this but the children should be able to remind themselves of the learning through the 'Active and Passive Voice' PDF. Good luck!

Newspapers 2 PPT

Newpapers 2 PDF

Fact, Opinion and Bias PPT

Fact, Opinion and Bias PDF

Dragon report

Elf report

Active and Passive Voice PPT

Active and Passive Voice PDF

Active and Passive Voice Quiz PPT


Update 27th April 2020

 Good afternoon, Yew Class!  I hope that you're all keeping well and continuing to stay safe!  As lockdown continues, I hope that you're still smiling and that you're managing to stay occupied and entertained.  Please see the new links that have been posted below with this week's learning.

For this week, I would really love to hear about anything that you have done that you don't think you would have done had we not been in lockdown!  In the photo, you can see a book that I've been reading based on a television programme I enjoy called 'Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing'.  The television programme is more about the friendship between the two comedians(who I really like), the reason they started fishing together and the places they visit.  The book though contains lots of factual information about the logisitcs of fishing - how to do it, the kit you need, the types of fish you can catch in various rivers and so on. Not really a book for someone who isn't keen on fishing!

If I hadn't been in lockdown, I would've probably not read the book as I'm not (and never have been!) interested in fishing.  Having read the book, I still don't think I'll go fishing!  But, I have learned so much reading the book: about different rivers in our beautiful country; about different species of fish and also about the environmental impact of fishing.  It's been a hidden gem of a book that has been a blessing during lockdown.

Maybe some of you have done, read or watched something that, had we not been in this situation, you wouldn't have even thought of doing.  Have you taken up crocheting, developed a talent for cooking or maybe started to cross-stitch...?  Send me your pictures and we can share our new discoveries together!

We may be locked down but there is still a wonderful world to discover and learn about!

English - reading

This week, I have set new reading challenges based around the book 'Boy:Tales of Childhood' by Roald Dahl.  The links below will give you a downloadable version of the book and a document telling you what the tasks are for this week.

Boy:Tales of Childhood Roald Dahl PDF

English Learning Challenge 4

Boy - Comprehension questions

Boy - Comprehension answers

Please also find a link here to some more reading challenges for 'The Giant's Necklace'.  I thought that I had posted them last week, have checked and I don't see them!  Please have a go at doing these and send me pictures of how you get on!

English Learning Challenge 3

English - writing

I am building up a sequence of learning which will result in you writing two newspaper reports.  One will be based around current news whilst the other will be based on the story of 'The Giant's Necklace'.  I have posted a  link to the first part of the learning which is below (again, I have also posted a PDF version if you cannot access PPT.)  As the week progresses, I will post more links in the sequence of learning.

Newspapers 1 PPT

Newspapers 1 PDF

Maths - update

I have updated learning on the MyMaths page.  For the next few weeks, we will be focusing on shape.  I have set six lessons this week based on properties of shape and construction of shape.  I won't repeat all the instructions for using MyMaths as I think you're all experts now but these are the lessons you need to go to for this week's learning:

  • Go to MyMaths and log-in.
  • Go to the main menu and click on 'Geometry'.  When the next menu appears, go to 'Properties of Shape'.
  • The lessons set for this week are:
  • Y4 - Properties of triangles; Y4 - Lines and quadrilaterals; Y4 - Rectangles and irregular polygons; Y6 - Parts of a circle; Y6 - Nets of 3D shapes; Y6 - Constructing triangles.
  • Again, these lessons may be above or below your current year group, but they are aspects that would be covered in learning for Year 5 and 6.

As well as the learning on MyMaths, I have found some shape investigations on the nrich website which you may like to try too.  The links are posted below:

Sweets in a Box

Folding Flowers 1

Folding Flowers 2

Always, Sometimes, Never? Shape

Shapes on the Playground

Air Nets


Following on from the English and Maths work that has been set for the week, I have created a Geography Research Project for you to do.  Please click on the link below for details of the actual project.  Please also look at the PPT that I have added a link to explaining some of the basics about erosion (if you are enable to open PPT on your device, I have included a PDF version too).

Geography Research Project

Coastal Erosion PPT

Coastal Erosion PDF


I have chosen to use the short story 'The Giant's Necklace' by Michael Morpurgo for the focus text this week.  Please find below links to the a downloadable version of the story and the resources you will need to complete learning this week.

The Giant's Necklace by Michael Morpurgo

The Giant's Necklace Questions

Response to Reading Grid



I will be continuing to use My Maths to set learning in Maths but will also be using some further resources to extend learning.  All previous learning is still available on My Maths.  If you see that your work is labelled as 'overdue', please don't worry - at this point in time, I'm just happy that you are willing to engage with learning and I want you to work at your own pace so don't worry about things being classed as overdue.

To support your children with the work, there are lessons on MyMaths which correspond with the work set.  To access these lessons, you need to:

  • Go to the Home Page of MyMaths.
  • Work for this week is based around time.
  • Go to the menu at the left-hand side of the page and click on 'Measurement'.
  • A further menu will appear to the right of the original menu; click on 'Measurement'.
  • There are five tasks set about time: 'Time and timetables'; 'Time calculations'; 'Time conversions 1'; Time conversions 2' and 'Time 2'.
  • Do not worry that the work is for Year 4 - this is all work that we would cover in Year 5 and 6 to ensure the children have a good understanding about time.
  • Lessons with the same name as the work will appear.  Scroll down to the lessons that correspond with the work set to support the learning. 


Previous English learning (previous to Spring Break)

Please continue to use Pobble 365 using the link on the icon.  I have been getting good feedback from parents and children about how the pictures have inspired learning beyond writing. I can't say enough how fantastic a resource this is so if you haven't used it, give it a go!

Writing a film review PPT

Yew Class Writing Challenges 30.03.20

The Highwayman resource

Yew Class Reading Challenges 2

Yew Class Reading Challenges


Year 6 CGP Books

Please continue with the CGP revision books (if you haven't finished them already!)  They are going to be relevant to your learning in secondary school so I do highly recommend that you try to complete them.  If there is anything that you're unsure about, please email me and I can find resources to help support further learning in that area.


Previous links to external resources and websites

BBC Bitesize

Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals

National Theatre at Home

BBC Sounds

Virtual trips









RE and Art

As we come up to a very special time of year, I have set a small project researching the significant days of Holy Week.  Click on the image below to open the document explaining the task.

As well as researching the religious side of Easter, I would like you to celebrate some of our traditions too.   Click on the image to reveal the art project I'd like you to take part in.



Yew Class Newsletter - Spring Term 2020

Yew Class Topic Web - Spring Term 2020


Yew Class Topic Web - Autumn Term 2019

Yew Class Newsletter - Autumn Term 2019












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